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About us


"Air a bed? There's got to be another way!"

- Hubert Wegleiter

Hubert Wegleiter of 4INVENTIONS® lives in South Tyrol. He loves the mountains, the aroma of mountain pastures and exercising in nature. The most exciting ideas always comes to him as a result. His inventive brain works best when he begins his day refreshed in the early morning and opens his windows wide with a view of the Dolomites to let fresh air into his bedroom.


As a child, he had already learned from his parents how important it is to properly air his bed every day in order to provide a hygienic, dry and fresh sleep environment. 365 times a year, his mother hauled the beds of the whole family to air them on a high windowsill and 365 times back again.


When Hubert moved into his own flat, he thought: “Air a bed? There’s got to be another way!”


Hubert Wegleiter is an engineer and works in mechanical engineering. He is a technological tinkerer who sees everyday needs and looks for solutions to simplify life and enhance the quality of life.


Together with his son, he developed his latest invention, a practical item that contributes a lot as a bedroom accessory. The name says it all: AIRZAG® – “AIR” for air and “ZAG” for speed. 

The goals: to air a bed in two quick steps in order to save time during this daily routine and to air the bed cover optimally from all four sides when hanging it in the room. Hubert got his son excited about the idea. As a designer and engineer, together they drew up the minimalist bed aerator, tested it and put the entire production chain in place.


Video Shoot "AIRZAG commercial" on the Seiser Alm.


The AIRZAG® bed aerator is an in an end-to-end invention from South Tyrol by Hubert Wegleiter and his 4INVENTIONS-Team.
After a successful test phase, the innovative AIRZAG® bed aerator is now available in serial production in several colours in specialist retail shops or online and is finding its way into the modern and optimised households of many people!

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