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What is AIRZAG?

AIRZAG is the first duvet aerator. Air the duvet and mattress optimally. Fits on every bed!

Every person loses 500 ml of sweat to their bed during sleep. The duvet and mattress must therefore be aired out in the morning. This combats the formation of mold, dust mites and unpleasant smells.

Air out easily and effectively with AIRZAG - for a good and healthy sleep in a fresh bed.


How does AIRZAG work?

Pull up the upper part of the AIRZAG until it snaps into place and put the duvet on it. Your bed and mattress are now getting optimally aired from all sides. You just have to open the window!

After airing, the AIRZAG can simply be folded up again. Due to the compact size and the simple design, the AIRZAG fits into every bedroom. Available in different colors.

[1] Raise

[2] Airing 

[3] Moisture & Smells can escape

[4] Stow compactly

Advantages at a glance

Airing regardless of the weather

Saves time in the morning

Effortless - no lugging around the duvet

The mattress is completely exposed

Doesn't require additional space

Get your AIRZAG now!


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