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Air your bed, save time, stay healthy.

AIRZAG is the first duvet aerator. To air the duvet and mattress optimally. Fits on every bed!

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Good for your health and well-being.

Airing the bed in the morning allows all the moisture to escape.
Thus improving healthy and restful sleep.

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Space saving

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Time saving

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Universal size

Airing is so simple with AIRZAG.


1. Raise

Pull up the upper part of the AIRZAG until it snaps into place. No need for lugging around your duvet or searching for a place to keep.

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2. Airing

Simply hang up your duvet. Now bedcover and mattress are getting optimally aired from all sides. 

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3. Stow Compactly

After airing all it takes is to fold down your AIRZAG again. It won't take up any precious space!


Simple design for your bedroom

The minimal design fits every bed and perfectly applies to your bedroom.

You won't even notice your AIRZAG, but it's always there where you need it.

Pick your favourite color


Airing regardless of the weather

Regardless of whether it rains, storms or snows, with AIRZAG you can still air out your duvet safely inside your room.

Keeps dust & dirt away

Airing your bed cover inside the bedroom means your beddings stay free of pollen and any kind of dust.


Increase hygiene

Airing the bed helps with reducing bacteria and germs. Keep your bed free of bad smells!

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Sustainability for our future.

All the materials we used are free of pollutants and also recyclable.

Short transport routes of the raw materials in Italy and the production in one of the most modern production facilities in South Tyrol, guarantee a sustainable product of the highest quality.

What they say about us

Pichler Martin

Customer review

"Great for airing and still tidy."

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Design magazine - 3.9 M follower

"A bed airing accessory to make your life easier."



Design magazine - 2.9 M reader

"Designed to answer the question of how to purify the bed area."

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Find your favorite bed aerator AIRZAG and enjoy a healthy and fresh sleeping environment every day.

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