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Fresh air for your bed

More bed hygiene for your B&B

A clean and cozy bed is a cornerstone for good sleep and satisfied guests. Due to increasing attention to health, hygiene plays an increasingly important role in the decision of the guests.

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Every day, a person sweats an average of 0.5 liters of sweat into the duvet and mattress. It is then important to let it air again. If this does not happen, many undesirable pests quickly increase in bed, including mites, bacteria and mold. Often invisible to the human eye, they cause bad smells but also allergies in about 15% of the population.

That doesn't have to be! By properly airing the duvet in the morning, the moisture and warmth can escape from the duvet and mattress. Thus, the pests lack an important livelihood and they can no longer multiply.

Fresh air for the bed

With AIRZAG, the bed is not only really fresh when new, but is freshly freshly made every day. Both hosts and the guests themselves benefit from the daily ventilation of the beds. And the best thing is that it means no additional effort.

By hanging and ventilating the duvet on AIRZAG and regular cleaning of the duvets, the mattress remains hygienic and longer usable. Also: Which guest doesn't like to sleep in a fresh bed?

According to a survey by National Sleep Foundation in the United States, 78% of the participants stated that they preferred to sleep in a freshly fragrant bed.

​Set a statement with AIRZAG, when it comes to showing how much you care for your guest and how much a good sleep and hygienic sleeping environment matters to you for your guests. Make your offer even more attractive with AIRZAG!

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Our 5 questions for you

Do you have guests who often stay in your accommodation for more than a few days?

Are your guests active and maybe sweat a little more?

Is changing the bed linen during this time difficult or even undesirable?

Do your guests have the opportunity to air the bed without any reason?

Would you rate a host less if he offers a way to air the bed?


We are sure that you also recognize the positive properties of AIRZAG, but how does that work exactly?

Very easily. First you just have to select your favorite color, then
choose the right installation variant on our installation page - done! The ordered products arrive securely at your address within a few days and can be easily installed by yourself or your staff on site.

Download our application guide. You can leave it as instructions for your guests/staff in the apartment.

Airing is so simple with AIRZAG.


1. Raise

Pull up the upper part of the AIRZAG until it snaps into place. No need for lugging around your duvet or searching for a place to keep.

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2. Airing

Simply hang up your duvet. Now bedcover and mattress are getting optimally aired from all sides. 

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3. Stow Compactly

After airing all it takes is to fold down your AIRZAG again. It won't take up any precious space!

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Would you like to show your guests what you have to offer?

​Download image and information material for the AIRZAG duvet aerator and present your bed from the best side.

What are you waiting for?

Beds do not aerate themselves! ... although, with AIRZAG you already have a bit of the feeling that it is aerated by itself.

Industry leading magazines have already become aware of AIRZAG.

Elle Decor

Design magazine - 2.9 million readers

"Designed to answer the question of how to purify the bed area."

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Design magazine - 3.9 million followers

"A bed airing accessory to make your life easier."



Food & Wellness Blog

"The South Tyrolean startup "4inventions GmbH" from Lana revolutionizes bed hygiene"

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What our customers say

Pichler Martin

Customer review -

"Great for airing and still tidy."

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Susanne Burger

Customer review -

"Perfect aeration ... fast
easy handling."



Customer review -

"Much more practical stand to hang the bed in the morning to aerate it."


We are stand behind our product

"We are honest, not only you and your guests benefit if you provide the AIRZAG bed aerator at your accommodation. We also have some of it: many real touches with our product and certainly many satisfied voices about AIRZAG. That is why we stand behind our product and promise.

If you order your AIRZAG now, we pay half of your shopping!
Simply register with your accommodation here and we will send you a voucher to redeem at your purchase at"

(Offer valid until 31.12.22, each case is checked individually, we therefore ask for a little patience. If you apply before the end of offer, we will secure the offer to you.)


Do you have a VAT no.? Simply enter your VAT when ordering In the field provided for this, we will then create an invoice on this tax number and your address.

Do you have any questions?
Just contact us:

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Visit our AIRZAG product page

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