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Slide-in bracket

Slide-in bracket

SKU: FP00013

The slide-in bracket is used wherever permanent screwing to the bed frame is not possible or not desired.


The assembly is just as easy as with the direct assembly on the bed frame.
The bracket is suitable for all beds where the mattress is at the same height as the edge of the bed or where there is a lowering (generally all frame beds). It is only used to mount the AIRZAG duvet ventilator on a bed frame. No permanent connection to the bed frame is necessary. The weight of the mattress is sufficient to hold the bracket in place.
Once the AIRZAG is fixed on the bracket, the bracket can simply be pushed under the mattress . Repositioning is considerably simplified as a result. To remove the AIRZAG, it is sufficient to pull out the holder. The other way round, it's just as easy and quick.
Every AIRZAG fits on the bracket, so easy retrofitting is also possible.
Overall, this results in a very flexible system that does not require any permanent changes to the bed itself.


The height adjustability guarantees reliable function in beds with an inlet depth of up to 12 cm. (Lowering of the slatted frame, measured from the edge of the bed) 


The bracket can also be used on the long side of the bed. Fixing straps are included for this purpose, which prevent the holder from slipping down through the gaps in the slatted frame.
Before buying, please check whether the gap between the side wall and the slatted frame is sufficient (approx. 5mm). Otherwise there may be problems during assembly with small inlet depths, as the fixed part of the bracket runs vertically downwards and extends into this gap. In general, however, this gap size is larger. Be careful with beds with a continuous bar as a support for the slatted frame. The distance between the top of the bed edge and the ledge must be at least 11.5 cm.


NOTE: Contains only the slide-in bracket. The AIRZAG bed ventilator is available separately.
Please note that the assembly material (screws) from the AIRZAG are required. If these are no longer available, please let us know when you order.


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  • Technical data and guarantee

    item number




    Insertion depth: 38cm

    Adjustable height (inlet depth): 0-12cm



    Universal color (light gray)


    package contents

    Components holder for insertion  (Screwdriver not included)

    operation manual



    5 years (guarantee conditions)


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average rating is 5 out of 5

AIRZAG - Alabaster Crème


12. Mai 2020

Michael Lobis

Funktioniert gut! Super Konstruktion.

average rating is 4 out of 5

AIRZAG - Alabaster Crème

Einfach genial

28. März 2020

Oswald Santer

Schnelle Montage und einfache Handhabung.

average rating is 4 out of 5

AIRZAG - Alabaster Crème

Schnell praktisch günstig

26. März 2020

Staffler Rupert

Schnell praktisch günstig funktionell

average rating is 5 out of 5

AIRZAG - Alabaster Crème

Super zum lüften und trotzdem aufgeräumt

26. März 2020

Pichler Martin

Einfache und schnelle montage

average rating is 5 out of 5

AIRZAG - Alabaster Crème

Perfektes Lüften

26. März 2020

Susanne Burger

Schnelle einfache Bedienung

average rating is 5 out of 5

AIRZAG - Alabaster Crème

Sehr praktisch

20. März 2020


Seit ich das Produkt habe, habe ich kein einziges mal mehr mein Bett machen müssen. Ich lege die Bettdecke Morgens einfach drauf und nehme sie erst Abends vor dem schlafen gehen wieder herunter. Was mir auch gut gefällt ist jeden Tag dieses "frische Bett" Gefühl zu haben.

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